Dr. Goodness and associates is a full service Clinical and Forensic Psychology Clinic located in Keller Texas

Dr. Kelly Goodness Psychology clinic is located in the old towne part of Keller city
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Kelly R. Goodness, Ph.D.
Clinic Owner and Director
Dr. Goodness & Associates
A Clinical & Forensic
Psychology Practice


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I maintain a very busy clinical and forensic psychology practice that serves a diverse population. Our clients tend to be private-pay-for-service clients drawn from the surrounding high-income area; patients contracted though various third-party agencies; or, primarily, forensic clients for a wide array of forensic evaluations and services. I am a consummate professional and I have very high standards for those in my private practice, including student interns.

An internship in my office could be a valuable learning experience for a student, particularly one with aspirations of graduate education. Internships can be for credit or not. If the internship is being done for academic credit, the student is expected to work 8 hours per week, read and summarize at least three journal articles related to this field, keep a weekly journal of work experiences and attend regularly scheduled meetings at the University. The requirements for those wishing to be an intern without academic credit are similar in regard to hours worked and reading appropriate literature.

Traditionally, students expect that an internship with my office will entail observing interesting evaluations, participating in capital murder cases and other “exciting” forensic-oriented tasks. While it is possible, you would be unlikely to have an opportunity to sit in on many evaluations or do the more interesting things you might be imagining. You will have limited exposure to me and my cases, and you may find the work to be tedious. The rationale behind this is very simple: most of the actual work requires training that a student does not yet have, and this training cannot be provided over the course of a semester or two of internship. Moreover, student interns can only participate in certain cases given confidentiality issues.

Any opportunity to work with me would entail literature searches and compilations, filing, typing, sorting, making forms, open and closes files, preparing files for evaluation, and mostly answering the phone. The internship is first and foremost an administrative position with limited exposure to certain aspects of my practice.

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No phone calls please.

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