Dr. Goodness and associates is a full service Clinical and Forensic Psychology Clinic located in Keller Texas

Dr. Kelly Goodness Psychology clinic is located in the old towne part of Keller city
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Dr. Goodness clinical and forensic psychology practice telephone number is 817-379-4663

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Kelly R. Goodness, Ph.D.
Clinic Owner and Director
Dr. Goodness & Associates
A Clinical & Forensic
Psychology Practice
I am fortunate to have a dynamic, superior Team who has helped me develop a dual practice that is intensely interesting, challenging and gratifying. Whether we are providing expert forensic services in a high profile murder case or are working with a couple struggling to learn how to help their child with autism, we do so with a professional distinction that I can take great pride in.


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Dr. Goodness and associates psychology clinic in keller texas contact phone 817-379-4663