Dr. Goodness and associates is a full service Clinical and Forensic Psychology Clinic located in Keller Texas

Dr. Kelly Goodness Psychology clinic is located in the old towne part of Keller city
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Kelly R. Goodness, Ph.D.
Clinic Owner and Director
Dr. Goodness & Associates
A Clinical & Forensic
Psychology Practice
"We have the expertise needed to assist our clients in identifying underlying problems, developing concrete action plans and implementing solutions that bring about important changes. It is hard to solve problems, get unstuck or effect change without clarity and helping people develop clarity is our business."
Adult Therapeutic Services

Adult clients seek services for a multitude of different reasons. They may be struggling with trouble in a relationship, family or financial issues, parenting difficulties, problems with work or school, addiction or substance abuse, mood problems, or post-traumatic stress, just to name a few. They may be seeking treatment or may want to have a diagnostic examination to determine what the next step should be or because they were referred for an assessment by their physician or other professional. For adults, we offer the following therapeutic services:

Child & Adolescent Therapeutic Services

Parents generally seek psychological treatment for their child because of behavior problems, poor grades, friendship problems, failure to turn in homework, or poor school attendance. Some of the therapy services that we offer to meet these needs include:

Family Consultation

Any time mental illness occurs, the reality is that all members of that family are impacted in some way. We help families come to terms by providing education on diagnoses and treatments, as well as developing supportive treatment regimens that incorporate family units as a whole. This type of collaboration can decrease conflict, enhance relationships, maintain boundaries, increase treatment compliance, and help the family regain a sense of normalcy and balance.

Sometimes parents just need a little help to help their child. As children change, parenting approaches, skills, and reward systems need to change as well. Parenting consultation can be a helpful tool for parents to help them create and maintain solutions so that they create positive changes in their children and families, feel more in control, and feel less stressed. Parent training can involve implementing and maintaining behavioral programs, helping parents to be on the same page and presenting a unified front, decreasing problem behaviors and increasing pro-social behavior in children, and increasing calm in the household.

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