Dr. Goodness and associates is a full service Clinical and Forensic Psychology Clinic located in Keller Texas

Dr. Goodness clinical and forensic psychology practice telephone number is 817-379-4663

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Kelly R. Goodness, Ph.D.
Clinic Owner and Director
Dr. Goodness & Associates
A Clinical & Forensic
Psychology Practice
“I am fortunate to have a dynamic, superior Team who has helped me develop a dual practice that is intensely interesting, challenging and gratifying. Whether we are providing expert forensic services in a high profile murder case or are working with a couple struggling to learn how to help their child with autism, we do so with a professional distinction that I can take great pride in.”


Dr. Goodness & Associates is a full service Clinical and Forensic Psychology practice that offers two very different service divisions. Our General Services Division provides psychological evaluation, treatment and consultation services to the general public through our clinic located in Old Towne Keller. In contrast, our Forensic Services Division provides expert forensic services to the legal community by way of psychological investigations, forensic case evaluation, expert witness testimony, trial consultation and pre-trial litigation consultation services to the legal community throughout Texas. We are also pleased to offer informational lectures and workshops on most general and forensic mental health topics to attorney groups, parent groups, universities, training programs, courts, law enforcement agencies and interested groups of all kinds.

General Services Division
Our General Services Division provides therapeutic services to individuals across the lifespan – from early childhood through “the senior years.” General Services clients come to us for evaluation, treatment and oftentimes both. Therapy clients present with a wide range of concerns such as depression, cognitive problems, social isolation, life crisis, career concerns, anxiety, addiction, family dysfunction, parenting education, and so on. Likewise, clients seeking assessments come to us with a myriad of referral questions, such as “Do I have a learning disability?,” “Is my child autistic?,” or “My doctor can’t figure out why I feel bad all the time…what’s wrong with me?”

Forensic Services Division
Our Forensic Services Division assists attorneys, courts, insurance agencies and various legal agencies by applying the science of psychology to legal questions through psychological evaluations, forensic case investigation, and/or trial consultation. This focus necessitates frequent interactions with attorneys, court personnel, other experts, civil case plaintiffs, as well as defendants who have been charged with crimes ranging from criminal trespass to capital murder.

Much of the practice involves forensic psychology in the criminal arena. Our work in criminal forensic cases varies widely, but includes the assessment of such issues as, Competence to Stand Trial, Mental Status at the Time of the Offense, the defendant’s dangerousness, mitigation or sentencing factors, or specific diagnostic questions related to the defendant or his behavior during the offense. Additionally, we may be asked to conduct an investigation that will assist a prosecutor in recognizing psycholegal factors relevant to sentencing or a defense attorney in presenting a mitigation defense in a capital death trial or other serious matter. In capital death and other major cases, we may be utilized as expert witnesses or as trial consultants who assist in the creation of legal strategies, jury selection, development of questions for examination or cross-examination, and facilitation of the attorney-client working relationship.   

Dr. Goodness and associates psychology clinic in keller texas contact phone 817-379-4663