Dr. Goodness and associates is a full service Clinical and Forensic Psychology Clinic located in Keller Texas

Dr. Kelly Goodness Psychology clinic is located in the old towne part of Keller city
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Dr. Goodness clinical and forensic psychology practice telephone number is 817-379-4663

Laurie Cristy
Practice Manager
"I find it very rewarding to manage a mental health practice dedicated to helping individuals strengthen and improve their lives. We strive to provide a professional, yet welcoming, atmosphere for our clients. Our goal is to offer a wide-range of psychological services to diverse groups where our clinical team specializes in tailoring services to each of our clients’ unique needs and I enjoy the challenges of being an integral part of this process."

Laurie Cristy is our go-to person for almost everything at Dr. Goodness & Associates as she is the Officer Manager and knows everything about everything! Whether you need an appointment, an invoice, information about the practice or directions to the office, she can take care of you. Laurie ensures that everyone is where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be and with what they need to get the job done. She is a professional organizer and expert business manager which makes her an asset to us and our clients alike.

Laurie Cristy has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from UNT in Denton. Laurie brings to the company several years experience managing a service-based company along with multiple years of experience in the legal field.

Dr. Goodness and associates psychology clinic in keller texas contact phone 817-379-4663