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Luis V. Garcia, B.A.
Federal Certified Court Interpreter, Texas Master Licensed Court Interpreter #171

“As a language interpreter, I feel it is important I provide a sense of comfort for those who otherwise may feel overwhelmed by their inability to understand what is going on or express their needs because of a language barrier in a culture that that may not be familiar to them. Many who use my services are experiencing a life-changing event or legal situation that may deeply affect both them and their families. My job goes beyond my passion to provide quality interpretative services, and inspires me to high standards as what may seem like just another day at work for me, may well be a crucial day in the life of those who rely on me. I am honored to provide clarity and comfort to those I serve.”

Major Practice Areas:

Luis Garcia holds a Federal Certification from the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts and a Master License from the State of Texas as a court interpreter in the English<>Spanish language pair. With a two-decade career in court interpreting -starting in 1993 - he has ample experience in the courtrooms of North Texas in felony jury trials, as well as misdemeanors, juvenile, civil and family courts.

Luis believes that every person who requires the services of an interpreter quite often feels vulnerable during the process and relies heavily on the sense of comfort the interpreter can provide. The interpreter must be mindful of it at all times, and gladly accept the role of “flotation device” for those who otherwise feel unprotected and overwhelmed by their inability to understand what is going on in a language and culture that is not familiar to them, especially in the middle of a life-changing experience or legal situation that can deeply affect them and their families.

B.A., Spanish, minor in Marketing, University of Texas at Arlington - 2000

Luis Garcia's Resume
Luis Garcia's Resume

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