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Kelly R. Goodness, Ph.D.
Clinic Owner and Director
Dr. Goodness & Associates
A Clinical & Forensic
Psychology Practice
“I am proud to head a clinic that is dedicated to positively impacting our community through first-rate, on-point mental health services. I am honored that our Forensic Services clients trust us with their important legal cases and our General Services clients trust us to assist them with their most intimate issues and allow us to be a part of their personal evolution. I am especially honored that they refer their family, friends, and colleagues to us. Their doing so makes us work that much harder to ensure we earn our client’s trust and keep our superior reputation.”
Major Practice Areas:

Training and Experience:

Dr. Kelly Goodness is a clinical psychologist with specialized expertise in forensic psychology. In addition to maintaining a general clinical practice, Dr. Goodness routinely evaluates and treats some of the state’s most difficult behavioral and psychiatric patients. Her interest in forensic psychology began in her teenage years, when she read Gary Gilmore’s romantic letters in Norman Mailer’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Executioner’s Song. Though Dr. Goodness freely admits that the book was probably not the best choice for a teenage girl, she was struck by “how much love he had in his heart” despite the nature of the crimes. From that point on “I wanted to know how a man with such love in his heart could at the same time do such heinous offenses.” She wanted to know how criminal behavior developed in a particular individual and he or she could be rehabilitated. Likewise, she wanted to understand how victims came to be victims and how they could rise above trauma and persevere.

Her early curiosity led to many years of psychology and forensic coursework, culminating in her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas. UNT’s training program includes a well-known forensic expert and forensic coursework. While in school, she was employed at North Texas State Hospital –Vernon Campus, which is the maximum security state hospital treating the most dangerous criminal offenders in the State of Texas. After her doctoral graduation, she advanced to become a Chief Psychologist at Vernon. Dr. Goodness established herself as an expert on malingering and psychopathy through her graduate research and work at the forensic hospital.

Her extensive hospital, community, and institutional clinical experience, provides her with a unusual breadth and depth of forensic expertise. Not surprisingly, Dr. Goodness attributes her expertise to actually evaluating and treating difficult forensic and clinical cases rather than merely studying or researching them in the academic arena.

In private practice, Dr. Goodness assists the courts and various legal professionals as a forensic examiner, consultant and  as an expert witness. Trial consultation is a large part of her forensic caseload, and her cases range from the simplest of misdemeanors to capital murder cases wherein the government is seeking the death penalty. Additionally, Dr. Goodness has emerged as a frequent trial consultant and expert witness in military courts martial on all manner of violations of the Uniform Code of Justice.

When not busy in her private practice and expert guest speaking roles, Dr. Goodness enjoys gardening, traveling, and continually updating her private practice location in the heart of Old Town Keller.

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of North Texas - 1999
M.S., Clinical Psychology, University of North Texas - 1996
B.S., Psychology,
University of Texas at Dallas - 1994 (Summa Cum Laude)

Dr. Goodness' Resume
Dr. Goodness' Resume

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